Regulate to better control and manage. Our control systems are PLUG&PLAY and participate to the energy expenditure reduction, CO2 emissions (EN 15232). Designed for an easy installation, these equipments are the guarantee of a climatic comfort and optimal indoor air quality.

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SYSTEMS TOP&DIVA™, air flow modulation zone

Kit for zoning, air flow rate modulation solution for all buliding applications

This PLUG & PLAY application is ErP compliant.
According to the ventilation system, two  kit solutions are available :
SYSTEM TOP™  which applies a 2-flow rate ventilation system
SYSTEM DIVA™ which uses proportional ventilation 

KIT MONOZONE, air flow rate modulation kit  limits loss of heat and guarantees air renewal suited to the building actual occupancy needs.
As a basic principle, the minimum flow rate corresponding to the room non-occupancy flow rate is  around 20% of the nominal flow rate for a
MONOZONE type building management
Two solutions are available :
SYSTEM TOP,  2 air flow rates ventilation, associated with the actual occupancy control of the room, detected either by a presence sensor or a CO2 probe,  or a combination of both, the SYSTEM TOP solution provides, depending on the type of premises, gains of 35% in case of the "All or little" air renewal management system. 
SYSTEM DIVA, proportional ventilation, enables, with its proportional ventilation mode, gains of 65%.
Besides the obvious energy savings, both systems also bring improvements in air quality and acoustic comfort.
True PLUG & PLAY products, they are built with a IP65 Perspex box equipped with cable glands with knock-outs, a configured regulator (SYSTEM DIVA only), a 230-24V AC (40VA) transformer enough sized to power the system components and connections of  components (probes, etc.) of the system.
Solution in compliance with ErP2018 for office applications
PLUG&PLAY, SYSTEM TOP and SYSTEM DIVA boxes are wired, configured and tested at our factory