Modularity, esthetics, energetic efficiency make up our equipments to guarantee, in compliance with the Ecoconception directive, thermal and air quality regulations, systems adapted to often specific installations. Compliant with EN1886, 13053 regulations.

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CMH, modular air handling unit, ErP2018
Meet criteria and requirements requested for air handling applications : Sizing, Air handling, Thermics, Installation, Use.
To build the unit, the CMH™ software provides you with all the technical, dimensional, acoustic features, concerning your projet. send us your technicals requirements.
Our air handling unit programme is designed, developed and manufactured in accordance with the current European standards (EN1886EN13053…) to guarantee mechanical strength, leaktightness, acoustic levels and technical performances.
The CMH™ can be equipped wit or AQUAPACK™ or ELECTROPACK™ self-regulated contral box for BMS application (EN15232).
Our programme of air handling units covers all office buliding and industrial applications.
Flow rate from 1 000 to 60 000 m3/h

CMH, modular air handling unit for office and industrial buildings applications.
Aluminium profile structure with thermal bridge breaks and reinforced polyamide corners, exterior RAL 9007 double skin metal sheets and a high density 25 mm MO mineral wool insulation (60kg/m3).
Access doors equipped with gradual tightening closure handles and fan compartment equipped with a security swich.
Filters and coils on slides, tight shut-off dampers with aluminium blades can be positioned on all faces, class 4.
Ventilation group on anti-vibration pads.
Connection with a flexible connection from the fan to the air supply panel if forward or backward turbine. Available in plug fan.
Resistance classe 1A, sealing classe A, transmittance T2.
Manufactured in compliance with the EN1886 and EN13053 norms.

Manufactured in compliance with the EUROVENT certification and EN1886 and EN13053 European norms

PLUG&PLAY, the CMH modular air handling unit is designed, manufactured and tested at our factory

Access doors equipped with gradual tightening closure handles and fan compartment equipped with a security swich.

Filters and coils on slides