ECOBLUE™, EXHAUST FAN UNIT F400-60 low consumption constant pressure

ECOBLUE, C4, 400°C - 1/2h exhaust fan unit
ERP2018, very low consumption for housing ventilation.
Motor fan : High efficiency forward wheel.
Direct drive EC motor, self-regulated constant pressure.
Flow rate from 50 to 11 000 m3/h



ECOBLUE, CMV C4 exhaust fan unit, certified 400°C - 1/2h (PV CTICM N°EFR-15-002420) for air extraction in houses and public assembly buildings and ERP (articles CH41 to 43, directive of 14-02-2000).
Equipped with circular branch connections with double lip seals to ensure the network sealing (ATEC CSTB n°13-224-V2), a local padlockable switch and a pressure default relay
LOBBY regulation, self regulation in constant pressure, with digital display, communication in MODBUS RS485, a IP54 box
Bird protection grid on discharge
Forward wheel with specific profile
Very low consumption EC motor meeting ErP 2009/125/EC directive. Aeraulic curves at constant pressure compliant with RT2012.
It is covered by a CSTB technical notification for Hygro A, Hygro B and Hygro Gas applications (article of october 1983)
Can be installed on roof space or terrace . Its cubic shape adapts to all intake/discharge combinations, at 90°.

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Code : CEC017970
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Code : CEC017971
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Code : CEC017972
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CTICM C4 - 400° C - 1/2 h 50Hz and 60Hz approved, PV n°EFR-15-002420
Meets requirements of the EP2009/125/EC directive (phase 2, 2018) CSTB technical notification for Hygro A,
Hygro B and Hygro Gas usage
Very low consumption econological solution, compliant with RT2012

PLUG&PLAY, the ECOBLUE range is designed, manufactured and tested at our factory

Can be installed inside or outside, on the ground or suspended. Its cubic shape is adapted to all intake/discharge combinations, at 90°
Removable branch connections enable an adaptation to any type of aeraulic installation

Removable access panels
Easy access to all internal parts through the technical panel, for an easy maintenance

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